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Daniel Kane Fitness - January 30, 2023

Used this service to help set up my personal training website. Tim was helpful with building the website and walking me through the steps I had to take to activate everything. Great design for my site and I'm really happy with the results

Tim Brendle - January 6, 2023

Tim was great to work with. Very professional and timely in responding to all my questions. His design captured the "feel" I was wanting for my website. Highly recommend Tim!

Naomi Banta - October 9, 2022

It was very easy working with Tim. After our initial meeting he already had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in an easy to use and customer friendly site that met my specific needs. He came up with great solutions to the challenges that I had encountered on my site made it so easy for me to just take over once he had designed everything. He was always and still is there to answer questions. I'm so very happy with the final outcome! Thank you so much Tim!

Chidi - August 7, 2022

Tim immediately understood the assignment! He communicated well and often and went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy with my site. His work is EXCELLENT and I have no reservations in recommending him.

Rachel Weir - December 31, 2020

Tim was incredibly helpful and patient in helping me discover what I wanted for my new site and guiding me through using it. There are some limitations on what the Wix template offers but overall I'm delighted with the results!

Lisa - January 27, 2021

Tim was great to work with, he worked well to the brief, he listened, had good attention to detail and was super patient explaining things. My website was transformed and I'm really pleased with how it looks and functions. A lovely genuine honest soul with web building superpowers. ❤️🙏

Bev Moore - August 14, 2020

Tim has a natural creative flair and is able to visualize design for a brand new site quite quickly. Tim took the Adobe XD wireframe (proposed navigation scheme, content and content placement) and ran with it to create an elegant design and much improved content placement.

Deirdre Azzopardi - August 14, 2020

Tim did an excellent job of not only helping me create a website that I love but teaching me actually how to work on it on my own. He was very patient and relaxed which is important if you are not tech savvy like me. He thought of many things that didn't come to mind and I never felt rushed during our meetings online. I highly recommend that you use Tim to create the perfect website for you!!!

Rick Fleishman - August 14, 2020

Just what I wanted! Timothy was good to work with and listened to my feedback and my needs very well. I would highly recommend working with Tim. Great job!!!

Sappho Brammer - August 14, 2020

Tim provided an excellent service and we've worked with him several times since he made our initial website. He had some really wonderful ideas in terms of creativity to make our brand stand out and we couldn't be happier! Thanks Tim :)

Kathryn Kilbury - August 15, 2020

Tim created a beautiful website for my gardening company. He listened to all of my requests and turned them in to a reality. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him!

Viviana West - May 6, 2020

Timothy is an excellent web designer! He really communicates with you very well as well as giving feedback. I would recommend him to other people!

Kristine Irwin - August 14, 2020

I absolutely LOVED working with Tim. He did such an amazing job not only designing my website but also design our logo for our non-profit and our new podcast!! I have gotten so many compliments on the website and the logos. He communicated well, and seriously went above and beyond. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for design work or website design work.

Jacqueline Giroux - August 13, 2020

Tim went out of his way to assist our thinking, even though at times, we were not sure what we were thinking. He is easy to work with. He telephoned me when he was not sure of the communication via my email. He is wonderful to work with. Creative, Kind and makes everything affordable. Would do biz again with Tim.

Sunee Riley - March 30, 2020

Tim has created me a really professional site. He is very helpful, responsible, prompt. and excellent to work with. I would recommend to anybody.

Helena Holonikova - March 8, 2020

Ok, I’m quite skilled at me job but I definitely am not a web designer. After struggling for months to build my website, I finally gave up and admitted myself I just can’t do it. I decided to find someone through wix and thanks god I did. I had quite a few offers but ai chose Tim simply because he came across very friendly , knowledgeable and very reasonably priced. After a short conversation of what I want, he built my website in no time. I was gobsmacked, what took me several months to finish, he did it within a few days. He also helped me with CEO which is the most important if you want to be found on google. My website is beautiful, chic, simple and easy to navigate and I can’t help but think Tim was a godsend.

Julie Gullick-Wiley - July 22, 2020

Tim has the ability to create a website to express the essence of who you are, a rare commodity. His vision is produced in a visual format, that for me took my breath was like he was able to reach inside my head and create something beautiful, whimsical but very functional. The feedback and comments I have received have been inspiring. Tim’s work ethic and communication is honest and real, a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Tim Osborne highly enough for all your web/Wix needs. If you are looking for creative and professional expertise, look no further.

Meg Proctor - February 17, 2020

Tim's design work is beautiful and he's a pleasure to work with. I get SO MANY compliments on my website design!

Naomi Barclay - October 27, 2020

I'm glad I partnered with Tim to create a professional website. I did not have many ideas on the look and feel of my website. However, Tim was brilliant in putting forward suggestions and designs that best suited my niche. I also appreciate how he frequently touched base with me throughout the project ensuring everything was in place and how I had envisioned it. Tim is a very efficient and talented designer. If you want a website that forward-thinking and modern, Tim is the right man for the job.

Rosalind Furlong - October 28, 2020

I chose Tim because, of all the people who replied to my request to redo my photography website, he was the only one who looked at my existing site so he could see the sort of photography I do and work out what I needed. I was a bit worried about paying him for the whole project upfront, but he delivered the goods. I thought he came up with some really creative ideas and he was very good at dealing with any changes I asked for. We had several Zoom meetings to polish the site up and he was always very friendly and easy to deal with. I'm really happy with the way my website looks and I highly recommend him.

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